Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Guiding Report For The 25th Of August 2009

Shane French /

August 25, 2009

Upper Waitahanui

Upper Waitahanui

Hey All.

Well we finally worked out why we have had NO internet or Phone for the past two days. The next door neighbour cut it in half while digging their garden!!!

Anyway we are back on air now.

p8090009The weekend could have gone our way if we had weighed in some of our 4.5 pounders we kept putting back! Yes we lost to Muffins and I will take some of the blame there. At out team briefing Friday night I told my team that the winning trout was probably going to be around the 7 pound mark and not to worry weighing in anything under 5. I had had good reports of large Rainbows in the Waitahanui and so was very optimistic. So all Saturday the team kept putting back winning trout. The trout that took it out was a great little four pounder caught by Mike Hughes for the Tonagriro team.

Two Big upper Waitahanui Trout

Two Big upper Waitahanui Trout

Steven and I were up early on Saturday and marched straight to Reids where I pulled a little rainbow out on my 40 th drift! Not a good start. From there we hiked it straight to Black Fish where I got two more about the same size. From there we fished Flick and Switch and the Limit. The hike up over the hill to the True winter Limit is a hard one and the track now needs some repair but it was this section that I expected to see some huge trout. We did, catching them then holding on was a different story. At one stage I was casting to two massive fish at the back of a small pool. They were totally relaxed and didn’t spook at all for the twenty minutes I cast to them. In the end the indicator went under to a prince nymph, glo bug combination and six pound Fluro. The video that we haveĀ  shows the power of this massive trout as it made strong deliberate runs downstream. I also had a very good trout on the wet line at one stage but I had to put the breaks on that one and after about 10 seconds of hanging on the hook pulled. I was using my SAS and there was NO way in hell it was coming up stream! We also managed to see two Rainbows that would have gone 15 pounds easily! One of these beasts having a span across its back of about 7 inches.

Some of these hook ups are on a new video I will put on now.

The Tongariro has a heap of trout in there and although most of these are in excellent condition they are a little on the small side!

The Waimarino had a great run go through last week. I fished there again today and did a pile of walking all the way up to the limit. The river is dropping fast and the trout left behind in the pools are starting to spook with the angling pressure it is receiving.

The Hinemaiaia has had some good runs go through as well. The trout on this river have been in excellent condition. I beleieve the rip fished well on Saturday night, change of light!

We have a heap of rain forecast for the next few days and this accompanied with a strong Northerly should push some fresh trout through most rivers. Again it should be a good weekend here on the rivers.

Regards Shane