Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 25th Of August 2010

Shane French /

August 25, 2010

Hey All,

I have just finished up my five day guide with Mike from Australia. He actually came down with the flu last week and so we had to move the final two days to this week. The fishing was a little harder but we still managed 75 trout for the five days on the water. There are heaps of anglers around at the moment but I am happy to say that for the five days we only encounted 4 or 5. I managed to keep Mike away from the crowds and put him into all my sneaky spots.

We have more rain forecast for tonight and the next few days. This amount of rain should push the river levels back up and push a few more freshies into the system. The trout today were all silver and in good condition but like yesterday were on the small side. I am seeing a trend develop here. We get a run of GOOD sized trout and then a period of the smaller ones. Hopefully next year we will see more larger trout than smaller!

Regards Shane