Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 25th Of September 200

Shane French /

September 25, 2009


Hey All,

Rain Rain Rain…..

All the rivers are up at the moment although just checked on the Tauranga Taupo flow and it has come down to almost .600, this is fishable but you will need to add weight and or fish the margins and watch those crossings. Hopefully it will have pushed a few fresh trout in.

A good report in from the Tongariro yesterday and apparently there was a good run that went through!!

Don’t overlook the Hinemaiaia on the way down to Turangi if there is extra water in here, (and there will be) then stop off and have a flick, some good trout have been taken here over the past few weeks.

The Waitahanui is going to get a flogging until the other rivers clear, poor old Nui.

Bigger glo bugs this weekend guys and 8 pound mono will do.

Ross if you think it is only going to take 5 years for those HUGE pines to rot down then you need to remove your head from wherever it is placed and look again dude. Every client I have ever taken into the cliff pool area on the Waitahanui has MARVELLED at the huge natural pines there and the magnificent Aura they exude. They add to the natural environment!

Regards Shane