Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 26th Of June 2009

Shane French /

June 26, 2009

Hey All,

another beauty from the Whatahanui

another beauty from the Whatahanui

This could be a very good weekend on all the Taupo Rivers if the rain we are receiving now slows down a little and doesn’t blow out the rivers. They have all been low and clear and things have been very tough on ALL rivers. I guided on the Tongariro yesterday morning and everyone I saw were scratching their heads. In one of Ross’s reports two days ago I noted that he said it was”” hard and very few fish caught””. I was horrified that he would say this, until I realised he had once again been abducted by aliens for his yearly Anal probing!! I am sure they will release him soon and he will once again be as biased as usual on his beloved Tongariro.

dscf3800I have had numerous emails in regarding the Waitahanui V Tongariro contest. Thanks to all that have said yes they are cheating bastards and deserve to lose this year. Sorry John, I am sure Ross will not want Boofffffff mounted. we have our own trophy.

They have again attacked our beautiful Waitahanui referring to it as the Waytoohardannui. How shameful is that. it’s like saying “”man I suck at fishing that river so I will make fun of it””, even their guides apparently suck at it!!  The only reason, I am sure that the New Taupo movie that is going around didn’t mention the Waitahanui is that they sucked on it too. learn to drift, learn to mend, read the water, adjust your weight accordingly and don’t for GODS SAKE wade in like a Tongariro fisherman. Then you might (just might) pick trout up in this beautiful river system.

There should be heaps of trout in all the rivers once this low passes over.

Regards Shane