Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 26th Of May 2010

Shane French /

May 26, 2010

Hey All,

Wow, rain we wanted and rain we got, In fact its still bloody raining!! At present the Waitahanui, Hinemaiaia and the Tongariro are fishable, although the Tongariro was slightly marginal! Actually to be honest the Hine was marginal as well although I did manage a few from there today but the upper section above the bridge was hard going. The guys from up North have left so it should come back to normal over the next few days. I dropped into the Waitahanui yesterday for a good look see, starting at the road bridge and getting as far as Totara bridge. I fished every piece of water I could and although the going was tough I still managed a dozen fish. Apart from one spawning Jack ALL the fish from this River were in fabulous condition. At one stage I hooked a fresh run Jack that lept downstream on the strike. It came clear out of the water like a dolphin and would have gone 3 meters clear of the water. As it splashed back down I saw the hook jump free from its mouth, but I got a very good look at it. This was one awesome trout and I am still kicking myself a little over it. What I noticed was that the trout were in tight groups so if you get onto them stay in that area and fish it hard.

I had a report in from a friend today who had been fishing the Rotorua area hard over the past few days, (traitorous bastard that he is) but apparently the fishing over that way is un believable, with huge trout up to 12 pounds and plenty over the ten mark. Now if Steve can hook them they are plentiful AND dumb!!! However we all know they feed on sewage so they would taste like, ummmm crap!!

I am out and about guiding over the next few days and so will report back on how we get on.

Regards Shane