Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 27th Of February 2010

Shane French /

February 27, 2010


Hey All,

I managed to guide most of this week on a few different rivers, this is how they fished.

p2210021The Tonagriro is having good and bad days. If you strike it on a hard day, give up go home and do something else, or change water. When the trout in here are not interested, then it is a VERY frustrating day. If you get there and they are on the bite then WOW is all I can say, you are going to have great fishing! I did a half day on here Thursday, just before the heavens opened up and found it very hard going. I put it down to the drop in barometric pressure as when it did rain we got a soaking! It put some colour into the water and when I guided there on Friday we slammed them. Once the Sun made its presence felt the Cicadas came on and we even managed to pick up a very good rainbow on the dry.

I guided on the lower Tauranga Taupo Wednesday and had a good spell with the dry fly there too. Some of these trout are fairly small but they all smashed the dry and the occasional one surprised us with its size. This section is great with the dry and you don’t have to stress about the snags and the trout will dart out of them to snatch your imitation.

p2110048Earlier in the week I had a look at the Waitahanui. There are plenty of trout in here. I don’t know if it is because of the clear water or that fisherman are just blind but I met someone on there that complained of not seeing any fish what so ever in there. I was in the lower section at this stage and politely asked him if the sun glasses he had on his head were polarized. They were, and so I just said “”oh hell is that right, no trout huh””. The fact that in the straight we were standing on, I had counted at least 10 trout two of them good fish, made me shake my head!! Look hard in here guys, the Waitahanui is not like the Tongariro, the trout don’t just swim around with big signs on there back saying “”I’m a Trout””, you have to REALLY look. Once you start seeing them then you will be blown away with the numbers in here. They blend in, apart from the huge browns, those of course stand out like dogs nuts!!

I believe that this Winter season is going to be a huge step up from the past three. 80% of the Trout I am getting my clients onto are in excellent condition and there are plenty of them. I was talking to Paul last night, (who is part fish) and he said the lake fishing is great at the moment, with the vast majority of Trout being in fantastic condition with bright orange flesh. make sure you get your licence this year guys, support the fishery and have a bloody good time in the process. Bring on Winter!!!

I never did get to go out and look at this new piece of water so maybe this week will be the week.

Regards Shane