Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 27th Of February 2012

Shane French /

February 27, 2012




Hey All,

Sorry for the Picture of a dead fish gracing my page but I needed one for a meal this week and the 4.5 pounder on the grass fit the bill perfectly! This was a nice trout and the flesh is awesome. As I suggested all the rivers got a small run of early spawners and some of them are in bloody great condition. I am really looking forward to this winter season.

Although the Cicadas got a drowning the other day, they have bounced back a bit and the trout are still happy to take them off the surface of all the rivers. Yesterday I had all my kids out with me and they had a heap of fun in Totara bridge fishing for splashing little tiddlers. Steven was there to help as well and it was cool to see. I am thinking of getting a little 4 weight to help a bit!

I believe the Brown trout runs have not been so successful this season, or so the boys at the rips tell me. However they lie!! :)  So one can never tell, the only way to see, is for yourself! I must admit though that I haven’t landed a Brown Trout, from the Rips this year. I intend on fishing a crap load through this moon phase however and so should get a better idea from doing so.

Now a bit of sad news. A frequent visitor to NZ’s Number one wild trout hatchery, Jeremy Norris, was the dude who drowned on the Tongariro around the 19th. I have waited this long to say something, so his relatives could be notified, as I am sure they would like to be. In the time I spent with Jeremy, I learnt a good deal about many things to do with fishing. He had a great cast, Tied some brilliant flies and was as passionate about fishing as I have ever come across. I am sure there are a few People around Taupo who will miss Jeremy and his cheerful and polite way on the water. I hope the fishing is good where you are man,  the trout are a little safer now in Taupo!


So I have made 15 of these little buggers up, they are going for $3.50 each. Made up of Polypropylene and Wing Brite for that extra flotation and visibility. They have been soaking for a whole month now and so should last for ages. Max three per customer and i’ll throw in a Tungsten bead Hairy Reaper, per order.

I will change the Video over as well. I have had heaps of emails asking about how to prepare a trout for baking. So have a look at the Vid for some idea about boning it out.

Take care out there, the rocks are super slippery.


Regards Shane