Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For THe 27th Of July 2012

Shane French /

July 27, 2012

Hey All,

If you are not getting onto trout in the river you are fishing, then I suggest you move to another area of the river. There are fish in all the rivers but not in the numbers that I would have expected after all the rain. maybe we needed wind to accompany it!?

I fished the Waimarino hard yesterday and only managed about 6 hook ups for the day, I covered a heap of ground too. man this river received a smashing from the floods! I was asked the other day by a friend if I thought floods affected the spawning grounds? Well after seeing what had gone on in the Waimarino I can honestly say YES. Whole parts of the river where 1 month ago trout were spawning, have been left high and dry, the whole river course has changed in many spots. last time I checked, trout eggs needed water on top of them to hatch :(

We are due rain in Taupo Sunday and Monday so the river levels will go up again. this time however the wind will be from the South so hopefully this will push some of those trout sitting off the river mouths to enter. Fingers crossed, HUH DOC!!

Regards Shane

Check out the forums, I would like your opinion on this years winter fishery and how you have got on.