Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 27th Of June 2010

Shane French /

June 27, 2010

Hinemaiaia Beauty, O for a wet line!

Hey All,

Things slowed down a little bit on all the rivers over the past week, as the more settled weather moved in and angling pressure remained relatively high.

I fished with a good friend on Thursday looking at the Tauranga Taupo and Hinemaiaia. The TT has had a few changes in river structure over the past two floods, with some water changing and new stuff opening up! Damn the Tauranga Taupo looks good!!!! There were trout in there just not in big numbers, you had to work for them. The level was just on .5 but was clear! The Hinemaiaia on Thursday was still producing trout. There are a heap of older trout above the bridge now, please take care when releasing them. I was asked the other day how I feel about the Hinemaiaia being opened up above the Bridge over winter. My answer was this. It is great for the angler, heaps more opportunities now, and the upper Hine is a pleasure to fish full stop. However, It will CERTAINLY effect the numbers of trout spawning in the Hinemaiaia, and what effect that has on the rest of the fishery, has yet to be seen. Me personally, I would have left things the way they were!

Proud as punch!!Yesterday I shot back to the Hinemaiaia as I needed to change my video clip, (Thanks Chris for the reminder). I have Steven this weekend and finally bought him his size 14 boots so he can wade again. With feet that big he should almost be able to walk on water!!! Anyway we went in above the Bridge and walked some considerable way, almost to the water supply sign. We hit a few trout but in general it was tough going. Very few anglers on the water yesterday. Anyway Steven had the video out for most of the morning, doing his usual brilliant job, but not fishing. We ran out of battery life before we ran out of fishy hook ups and so decided to end the day below the bridge with me giving him a little tuition. I decided a long time ago not to push the fishing thing on Steven, just because it is my buzz doesn’t mean it has to be his and he enjoys the video work. He hasn’t picked up the 8# for a very long time and expectations were a little on the low side from both of us :)   I was really impressed with how he started off. Stripping the line quickly from the reel and getting it downstream ready for the water load. His cast was accurate and his mend was positive, the little bugger hooked up on his first cast!!! The fat Hen went just over 4 pounds and gave him a really good fight, in snaggy conditions! Steven hasn’t taken a trout from the Taupo fishery before and so he gave it the last rites and will eat it smoked at his boarding school tonight, with his mates. He WILL be the man apparently, (haha). By this time it was pissing down and cold, as we passed a good looking spot Steve asked me if he could have a cast in there. As he had only had one cast for the day, I said yeah sure. Yip you guessed it, he hooked up again. This Trout was a little smaller but the fight was out of this world. It also got smacked on the head and is being given away. It has been suggested by  the young lad that next time I video and he fishes, sigh!!

Have a good week at work guys.

Regards Shane