Lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 27th Of May 2010

Shane French /

May 27, 2010

Hey All,

Just a quick up date today.

I fished the Waitahanui and the Hinemaiaia. The Waitahanui still had colour and is a little up in volume but is clearing. There are some bloody good trout in here although you might have to poke around to find them. I am using a single glo bug rig in all the rivers at the moment and it is working really well. I picked up a 4.5 pound Brownie as well, see photo below.

The Hinemaiaia was WAY up in colour and volume today. I went in above the bridge and did a good section of river, pushing my way up against the current. I fished a heap of water because of this and managed to pick up 7 or 8 trout but in general the going was tough because of the conditions. It should be pretty good for the weekend if we don’t get to much more rain. I came across an angler on here today who had struggled all morning, he was in disbelieve that I had picked up trout and I got the feeling he thought I was full of it, (shut up Brendon). When I showed him my rig his jaw dropped and he stammered that I wasn’t really flyfishing!! Cheeky Mo Fo, I tried to explain that if you are going to fish coloured water that is high, then weight is needed to get your Nymph down, as generally you are throwing a bigger Glowie. I left him looking through his fly box trying to find something bigger than a #16. I found most of the trout in the Hinemaiaia today to be a bit coloured up, but they fought well and looked pretty with their spawning colours.

Regards Shane