Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 27th Of November 2012

Shane French /

November 27, 2012

Hey all,

I keep thinking Summer is just around the corner but then along comes a Low to spoil the party and put a damper on things. I have heard a few lone Cicadas trying to find friends out there with there distinct chirping but they soon go quiet as the sun disappears behind a cloud and the temperature drops by a few degrees :( one thing is for sure, when summer does arrive it is going to be hot!!

We haven’t had any rain in the Taupo system for a few weeks now and all the rivers are very low and clear. The Waitahanui has to be the lowest and clearest I have ever seen it. You can see right to the bottom of every pool on the river. There are a few trout in here but it has emptied out a wee bit. I managed to pull a small Brown from here yesterday. I am really pleased to see heaps of smolt in the shallows within the Nui system, it has had a very successful spawning season.

The Hine has some nice trout in there but the river is running low and it has had a few busy days with anglers, so the trout are a wee bit spooky. very little weight is needed on the Hine at the moment, let the trout come up and take your Nymphs otherwise you will be hooking the bottom and false striking.

I had a report in yesterday that the Tauranga Taupo had some excellent trout in there. This river like all the rest is low and gin clear. Try a dry and dropper in here with a long leader, you will need to be super stealthy though.

The Tongariro is the river to be on at the moment due to everything be low and clear. take your time through the water, fish the bubbly stuff at the top of the pools and if you are not seeing trout, move! You will need a few different flies in your box as well. White caddis are a good option at the moment :)

There are some excellent reports from the lake fisherman. Some of the trout coming out are still a little on the small side but there are plenty of 3 to 4.5 pound trout to keep most anglers happy. The excellent thing is the quality, they are fat with smelt!

The back country stuff is ticking along but we need some consistent dry warm weather to bring on the hatches of larger insect life. I have seen a few trout hit the surface but when a dry fly has been presented to them, they have shunned it.

Alex and I did a beat on a river the other day and spotted this 8 pound monster in the shallows, it was almost coming up to the surface to take but we decided it was feeding just sub surface. We put on one of Alex’s little flash back gems and on the first cast it didn’t hesitate to glide over and wolf it down. I probably should have had the net waiting and been prepared to jump in and try to scoop it up before the inevitable charge downstream that it made. However I was trying to get video footage :( it had Alex under a bank and pulled his Barbless hook before I could blink. Alex was a shaking mess after that and watching him tremble while tying back up was quite amusing. It was the biggest trout I have seen for a long time and will be a trophy fish in another month or so.

We have a low set to pass over the central North Island from Thursday to Sunday. It will bring cold southerlies and maybe even a little snow to parts of the high country. I don’t think it will do much to the Taupo river levels but it will put a big damper on the hatch that is struggling to take off. The wind may push a few into the Nui but really we need some rain to lift the levels a bit.

Tight lines to all who venture out this weekend. Be safe on the water.

Regards Shane