Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 27th Of October 2010

Shane French /

October 27, 2010

Hey all,

Mum would have growled at me for some of the crossings I did today on  a back country river :)

All the back country rivers are still running high, they are clear but the water volume is right up there!! The one I choose today to have a look at was certainly flowing strong and some of the crossings were a little hair raising.  I weigh 110kg, (all muscle) and it took some bracing to get across.

I fished this beautiful little trib of a trib late last year and struggled for trout. The January flood that came through the East coast filled in all the pools with silt and due to this there were very few trout. The high winter water levels have cleaned this river out again and there are some fantastic pools and deep runs. These will only get better as the water volume drops and everything becomes more defined. It was interesting to see most of the trout taking mid water and with the insect life buzzing around it will only be a matter of weeks before the dry flies come out.

I hooked up into at least a dozen of these spawned out recovering trout and all of them took me down stream. This is great if you have a mate or guide but I had to stagger down, land them, struggle back up the river again, bloody hard work, (hehe someone has to do it). There is a gorge section a few KM up the river and I knew this was going to be touch and go. Believe me when I say the wading was scary, I mean it!! I got through the worst of it and then my right boot disintegrated. It was so bad that I had to take it off and wade back down stream without it, just with my stocking boot on, FREAKING OUCH!!!!!

Side Note: Went into Hunting and Fishing Taupo and bought some really good boots this afternoon!!!!!!

So all in all a hard day but very possitive for the start of the season, this river will be a gem for the dry fly, I can’t wait to get back in there when the water drops a foot or two!!

Regards Shane