Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Guiding Report For The 28th Of April 2009

Shane French /

April 28, 2009

Hey All,

Ok well I have hit all the river hard this week and have been doing a fair amount at the river mouths and even fished the Tongariro on the change of light on two separate occasions in two different sections of the river.

Look at the width of this trout!!

Look at the width of this trout!!

In general up until this rain hit two days ago, the fishing was HARD in all rivers leading into Taupo. Yes the Trout have been in them but due to the low water levels they have not been feeding. I fished Cattle Rustlers from the change of light until 9.30 pm one night for a brief hook up and then the next night lower down below The bain pool. Cattle Rustlers was FULL of huge Browns and I was sure I was going to hook up on one of these beasts!! The crossing back over onto the true left was quite exciting in the dark but easy never the less.

The Hine rip looks fantastic but has been hard. Trout are coming out on the change of light and up until about 9.00 pm then nothing!! I have fished this rip twice in three days and haven’t had a touch from a trout in the 6 hours I have put in there. Last night for the very first time in my fly fishing career I hooked and landed a bloody Cat Fish from this rip. Freaky little fellows that they are. I am going to get in touch with DOC over this and ask their opinion on the growing cat fish population out there and the effect it may have on the fishery.

A nice fat silver Hen

A nice fat silver Hen

The Waitahanui is the same as all the other river out there, Trout are in there but hard going. What is great is the quality of the Trout coming out. If you read Andrew Christmas Blog,  he had a bitch about the rubbish around Totara and the fact he can’t catch trout in there. yes at times the old Nui can get a bit messy around this point, but it can be avoided. As far as him not catching trout, well……..

Some good trout have come out of the rip there as well.

All the rivers came up with the rain and are now perfect for fishing. I am about to get out there myself.

Regards Shane