Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 28th Of August 2009

Shane French /

August 28, 2009


Hey All,

I just thought I would update this before the weekend in case there were a few of you undecided if you should get to Taupo this weekend.

For me this week the trout fishing has been red hot wherever I have fished. The river levels have risen and stayed up making the trout more relaxed therefore they are staying in the middle reaches of all the rivers instead of shooting through. The lake level has come up also and this means the rivers are not emptying as fast.



I had a brilliant few hours on the Waitahanui yesterday as the Southerly slowly turned to a south easterly and blew a crap load of trout into the Nui. I saw one of the biggest trout so far this season just up from Gordon Williams. Looking down on this massive trout I was gob smacked at its size. Ross would have been lost for words, (hard to believe I know) Boooffffy would have been eaten if he had attempted to swim near it and AC, well he would have just fallen over! The Jack would have gone 13 pounds at least, (haven’t seen to many trout this size to compare with). I didn’t have the gear to land such a monster and so decided not to hassle it. It would have been a perfect photo opportunity if I hadn’t left my camera at home charging!! I am going back in there this morning with 12 pound Fluro a wet fly and my 8# SAS. Great to see some really big trout in the Nui, I was well impressed with what I saw up above the Limit pool in the weekend. On that note just a word of warning if you are thinking of going up there for a recce. There are numerous Tomos up there, the ground is covered in moss and the crust is pretty thin in some places. Two years ago a local pig hunter fell down a 40 foot hole and broke both his legs, so tread carefully, or hire a guide and make him walk in front!

Some good trout moved into the Tauranga Taupo with this last bout of rain. I passed over the bridge yesterday and the river looked perfect. I have also heard that the river mouth has been going off!!!

We are due some more rain on Sunday as well so that should keep the water tables up for next week, Yippy.

If you can get here for this weekend give it a shot, you need to be out there doing it, to catch them!!

Did you hear that Ross has tried to pinch some of my photos again. Not happy with taking my home page report he is now  flogging pics!! Come on Ross get that TRM top guide out there doing it for you.


Regards Shane