Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 28th Of November 2011

Shane French /

November 29, 2011



Hey All,

Thank goodness the wind has died off for a short time, that was impossible to fish in, so once again the Waitahanui got a flogging. There were some nice fresh trout in there too. We have had some hot muggy days and nights and it won’t be long before the hatches really start to go off. The caddis hatch on the Tonagriro just on and after dark should start to happen as well. This is certainly worth a go!

Some parts of the Central Plateau got a huge amount of rain last Thursday and although the Taupo tribs came down in volume FAST, one or two of the back country streams I fish, weren’t so lucky. Last Sunday I took the kids for a drive to a small river, with REALLY cool stones. These things have great decorations of sea shells imprinted in them and the girls have been cracking their necks to have a look at them. Apparently there had been a massive slip into the river further upstream and the river was still very coloured. From there we drove to another favourite river of mine and on the second cast I hooked and landed a great conditioned 3.5 pounder that absolutely smashed me all over the river. Steven was meant to be videoing me but didn’t think I would¬† catch anything and so only took pics from the other side :(¬† On the subject of Video’s the one I took of me releasing my huge trout I caught the other week didn’t turn out. Apparently, somehow I corrupted the disk and lost it all, I am slightly guttered!

Yesterday Steven and I did the hell reconnaissance on a great little river I found a few years ago. Instead of going in at the bottom through a 4WD track, I had been told that you could get into the uppers from a Doc track across farm land. It took us a fair bit of driving around and looking at different options, but we finally found it. What I wasn’t told was that it was a 1.5 KM hike straight down a HUGE hill. Being the keen anglers that we are and hoping to get into water that no other mad bugger would dare to do, we trudged all the way down. Access was easy (apart from the small mountain), however the trout were small in this section, being only 1 to 1.5 pounds. Awesome dry fly water though!! So after crawling back up the hill we decided to call it a day. It’s a rest day today and then we are back into it for the rest of the week. Thursday we will be using the Video and I should have some excellent footage available for my vids :)

Regards Shane