Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 28th Of June 2012

Shane French /

June 28, 2012

Hey All

First up the Braids, Tongariro River. I have confirmation that the Tongariro Lodge had NOTHING to do with the Braids being rooted over!! They are fishing orientated people themselves and I bet they are as horrified as the rest of us. From what I gather it is all about money changing hands with the owners of the land, for Gravel!! Nice move guys, way to love the land. :(

Anyway that’s the last i’ll mention of that crap.

The Rivers got more rain this week with the Tauranga Taupo being unfishable for a few days. It should be mint tomorrow, if the weather holds.

Heaps of fresh fish in the Waitahanui and surprisingly a few good Browns as well. June has always been an interesting time for the Browns in the Waitahanui. They have been spawning for some time and then all of a sudden decide it’s time to eat again. In the past, I have had some awesome days hooking up on browns in June. Glo Bugs seem to do the trick just fine. The Westerly has blown a few nice fresh runs Rainbows in there as well. I stopped off at the straight this afternoon on my way home and watched one of the local boys hook up into a great fish that walked him all the way down to the rip.

Trev and I fished the Hine this morning. We pulled fish from the bottom to the limit. heaps of older trout up the top but some very nice fresh run trout near the bottom. Someone has done a great job at clearing out a few of the pools in the lower section with a chain saw. It was messy and although you could still get a cast in, whoever had the brains and balls to clear it away has done a brilliant job and should be congratulated. Now everyone can once again enjoy the lower Hine.

There is a new recipe for trout on my site, check it out if you like Asian flavors.

Tight lines for the weekend.

Regards Shane