Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 29th Of April 2010

Shane French /

April 29, 2010

Hey All.

I have now been guiding for the past 5 years in the Taupo district but fishing for the past 35 and I have to say the past week has been my best weeks fishing ever. In the past I have caught more but NEVER has the quality been so good. We are in an excellent part of the year and if you haven’t fished the Taupo region yet I fully suggest you do.

Last Saturday as you have already read I had a fantastic day back country with a regular client. This was followed up this week with an American gentleman, (yes I use that word loosely Jim) who has been reading my reports for some time and decided to come over and see if I was full of it or not!! Thank goodness the Trout were on MY side otherwise I would have been in trouble!

Wednesday saw us on The Tongariro where I showed poor old Jim that to get down to the trout you needed weight!! I am still using naturals at the moment and so didn’t load him up to much, but I did give him the SAS8# to throw around and so was expecting a grizzle or two! Jim Handled this like a PRO and due to this we hooked up fairly fast in the water we were fishing. They were typical of the Taupo Rainbow runners at the moment, all about 3 pound but giving a good fight. To be honest I am a little disappointed in the Rainbows going through the Tonagriro at the moment, they are all about three pounds. The Waitahanui, Hinemaiaia and the Tauranga Taupo are producing better Rainbow trout. Bet ya won’t steal that report ROSS!!!

What I will report positively about the Tonagriro is the fact that there is NO angling Pressure what so ever and that there are some HUGE Brown Trout lurking in there. These can defiantly be taken if you have the right flies on and do the right things. This little beauty was just under 8 pound, and even Jim was happy that he was throwing the 8#.

The Whanganui this year has fished brilliantly. It had a great   summer and I had a fantastic season on here having the trout smash dries. I have watched these trout grow in size over the past few months. Today I took Jim in there and we walked a long hard beat that I new hadn’t been touched for some time. The effort we put in was mirrored by the quality of trout we pulled. It was a perfect mixture of Browns and Rainbows. The best was a jack Rainbow of 6.5 pounds that escaped just as I was going to push the button!!! Oh I hate that so much……… The Bow in the picture went just on 6 pounds and had the shoulders of Mike Tyson and the attitude to boot. This was pulled from a difficult position on the river and all kudos to Jim, not too many anglers could have done this, although he did have the guide who threw himself into a raging torrent to net it!!!

If you have been contemplating fishing this system and have been following my reports on it over the years then NOW is the time to get on there. We have a few weeks left.

All in all this has been a wonderful weeks guiding and I am one very happy boy!!

Regards Shane