Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 01st Of March 2010

Shane French /

March 1, 2010


Hey All,

I finally managed to get out and check out a new river I had been told about by a retired old fisherman,  I met a few months ago.

I had checked out the access and although I was told it was “”all good””, I was pretty sure that at some stage I was going to be on Private property and so first up I stopped in at a few houses to check this out. The guys I spoke to were all fairly good about it and couldn’t believe I actually wanted to fish this water, especially when I told them I was a guide from Taupo!

It took about an hour to find the right water as it was overgrown in the section I started off in and not much fun at all. After about 40 minutes of bush bashing and falling in overgrown holes that I couldn’t see, I did a bit of a walk into easier water. It was a good move as I started to catch Trout straight away.

100_1098I thought the water looked perfect for brownies and I wasn’t let down, in fact the brown trout were about 3 to 1 on the rainbows. In this section all the Browns were about 2 pounds, but full of fight and fair smashed the dry off the surface. The rainbows were a little bigger, getting up to 3 pounds and were a real handful. casting was a little tricky in parts but for the most it wasn’t to bad. This section held good numbers of fish!

I walked for a little while as I didn’t want to hook a trout in every pool and also needed to suss out what was up in front. I saw some really nice Browns in the next section that would have gone 5 pounds, it was tempting to get down to them but I was on a mission by this stage. When I did enter the water again I was into trout straight away, they were all around the three pound mark and the water was absolutely beautiful. The trout have obviously not seen anyone for a long long time as they were not afraid at all. At one stage I had a three pound Brown trout come cruising over and sit four feet out from me as I was putting on some more dry fly floatant. I thought “”ah what the hell”” and dabbled the fly over its head, (no line out, just trace). It glided to the surface and sipped it in, text book style, it was obviously a shock when I struck as it went berserk, leaping clear of the water numerous times. I giigled for ages over that.

This is an amazing piece of water and as I said has had NO angling pressure. I will guide on it and have permission to do so, but would like to keep it unspoiled and so won’t go there to many times in this season. If you would like to be one of the lucky ones get in touch with me and we will jack something up.

Regards Shane