Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 29th Of June 2011

Shane French /

June 29, 2011

Hey All,

Where are all the trout???? Simple, in the lake! The week leading up to this report has been slow in all the Taupo rivers. I keep telling myself that it is because of the unusually warm start to winter that we have had, however after the past 5 or 6 days I can no longer use this excuse as it is truly winter here in Taupo. Don’t get me wrong, there are trout in the rivers but man do you have to work hard for them. Talking to locals I am not the only one having trouble hooking up and some of them have even put their rods away for a few weeks disgusted with the results!

All the reports coming in from Boat fisherman say there are plenty of trout in the lake with some real beauties being hooked. The roe is small however in most of the Hens and so maybe they are just not ready to run! The rig for me has been the Hairy Reaper and a size 12 Champagne Orange, red dot Glow bug. Believe me I have tried everything but I keep coming back to this set up. If I need more weight than the Tungsten I am tying these up with, then a small amount of split shot is added. I have tied so many of these, I know look like a Hairy Reaper!! Ross from TRM made me work overtime with a massive order that I have just got out to him :).

So hopefully with the extra cold spell we are having at the moment, some of these trout in the lake will move into the rivers. They are in great nick, everything I have hooked into over the past few weeks has been good for the table, so don’t give up yet, get out there and haul a few in.

Regards Shane