Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 29th Of March 2010

Shane French /

March 29, 2010

Hey all you Monday readers!

Well March is pretty well over and done with for the year, it has been a great month and a good lead into the winter fishery. I guided pretty much all of last week and saw a heap of water, even getting into the upper Tongariro by raft, great fun and a few nice trout, although it has been well and truly hit by now. In so saying the first couple of decent runs that we get will shoot up there and these will be big trout. I used Tongariro Rafting and they were as professional as can be, good stuff!

The picture is of Mr F.I.G.J.A.M himself with a 9 pounder out of a secret little spot we have in the Taupo fishery. He’ll be eating Brown Trout for quite some time!! Nice fish Paul, and landed on a six weight Rod in tight conditions, this dude can fish!!

I even managed to get into the Tauranga Taupo yesterday and had a good look in there. It must have had a very successful spawning season last winter as there are 1,000’s of small trout leaping around everywhere, with the odd bigger one thrown in. This water looks great and I am going back in this week for a better look, I might even get up past Rangers.

I have been looking at a piece of water for the past three years, have mapped it, studied it and even fished just across a range from it, now it is time to go in there and have a look. I need to organize this carefully as it is in the middle of nowhere but I am starting to get excited and I am sure the fishing will be out of this world. There is very little time left of the back country season and this may be my last big play for the year in this type of water. I will keep you posted!

Regards Shane