Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 29th Of September 2010

Shane French /

September 29, 2010

Hey all,

Two more sleeps until the back country opens up. I took My son Steven to have a look at a river today. It was a bit of a lucky find last season and although I found it late in the year it was still full of very good trout. Because the access on this one is near impossible I am going to do a camp out trip here. It has a big trib about 4 KM into the beat and apparently this is full of huge fish!!! the only way into it apart from my access is by helicopter and looking at Google Earth I really don’t see that as an option either. This means a good section of this river will never see angling pressure. I was told about it bu a couple of old timer hunters, who used to shoot the odd trout for a feed while camping out. I got the directions and had a good look for myself. The track in has deteriorated and Steven was a complete wreck by the time we got out. Nothing like a bit of 4X4 to start the day off. Anyway I am guiding on here Monday so will hopefully have some good pics for you.

The Taupo rivers have all come down to a fishable level and all of them are producing good numbers of Trout. Even the Waitahanui has had a some good runs go through. Thanks for the phone call Ralph, I also heard from another angler today that the fishing has picked up. I wonder if having the Straight reduced dramatically will have a positive impact here. I know that the groin was getting a thrashing over winter and a heap of trout taken!

I guided on the Waimarino yesterday and caught up with a young angler who certainly seemed to know the water and surrounding. He mentioned that this river is getting a hell of a lot of poaching with nets!

The Hinemaiaia looked like it was still coming down at a rate of knots!!

Take care out there and good luck on the rivers over the next few days. I should have a new Video up and running by Sunday.

Regards Shane