Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 30th Of August 2009

Shane French /

August 30, 2009


Hey All.

Looking at my Google Analytics stats, you guys go mad reading my reports at the start of the week, keen to get a fix huh! So with that in mind i’ll update this tonight.

p8290008We are having some great fishing at the moment with a heap of trout in all the rivers. Probably the only negative, is the size of these fresh run fish. The majority being around that 3 pound mark. Don’t get too despondent though, as there are some fantastic trout about the 5 to 7 pound mark as well. When you pick up one of these beauties the difference in fight is awesome. It seems the overall size for the 2009 winter season has been smaller than we would have liked. For me however the positive aspect of 99% of them being in Fantastic condition, well outweighs their length. The size should return in short time, as long as the food supply can sustain the population of trout!

The Tongariro got a right royal thumping over the weekend angler wise. Anglers everwhere apparently! Good numbers of trout in the Tonagriro but most on that small 3 pound mark.

The Tauranga Taupo has been firing at the river mouth and small groups of trout going through the river most of the time now. I say small though guys and you may find it difficult to get onto them at times as the water level drops. There were 11 cars in the car park by 7.30 Saturday morning, yuck!!

p8290010The anglingĀ  pressure on the Hinemaiaia has dropped right off, especially in the morning. There is some nice water below the bridge and one or two of these “”holes”” are producing consistently. Try to fish the Hine when there is good flow, there will be more trout in there and they will hold a little longer in this section. The old Orange, Chap dot glo bug is a winner when the water colour is up as well.

The straight, Bridge pool and the Groin on the Waitahanui are getting flogged when the conditions are there for the trout to run. It would be nice to see a Ranger down there at times checking how many trout are getting taken!!!! I went in there on Friday and wet lined from Gordon Williams down to the cliff Pool. I was not impressed with the number of trout in this great river. We are at the tail end of August and with the weather being the way it was last week, more trout should have been in here. Sigh!! The River is in excellent condition with good volume and colour. The runs and pools are very well formed and defined, we just need a bloody good run to fill them up.

We are due some shitty weather over the next few days with strong winds and plenty of rain. It should keep the rivers full of trout and hopefully help the Waitahanui.
Enjoy your week guys and keep reading the reports.

Regards Shane