Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 30th Of January 2011

Shane French /

January 30, 2011

Hey All,

Ivé been a little busy of late and so haven’t reported in as much as I should.

The Rain that we had this time last week, shattered many Rivers in the area and im not just talking about the Taupo ones. There are some rivers that will not be the same for some time, the trout in them at the moment, (if any) will be beaten up and in poor condition. The summer trout require a good summer food source and stable water conditions to have a successful spawning season and or to live through winter in general. There were some VERY high water levels around the central North Island last week.  We now need a good break from the storms!

The Cicada Season tried to kick off but I bet a few of the chirpers drowned in their holes before they made it to the surface. :(

Lake Taupo is ridiculously high for this time of the year with little or NO beach anywhere around the lake. Poor old Mighty River Power will be shedding water like a snake does skin, to get it back down. The boys down at Huka Jet would be seeing a huge amount going over the falls. BTW if you are ever thinking of doing the Huka Jet, I FULLY recommended it!!

I have a little break in my otherwise hectic shedual at the moment and as I haven’t really had a good fish for myself, I plan to make good use of the time and go have a look at what the high water has done. If I can and the TT is at a good level, I will have a good look up there for the day, hopefully getting into the gorge section above the Rangers. I haven’t been up there for years so am looking forward to that one.

The rips also need a little look and I have one in particular I will go to. The only problem with the high lake level, is that it doesn’t make the rips look attractive, (good strong flow). However I have a new line that I need to stretch and so will pack some Coffee and V then try a few.

Be Safe