Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 31st of May 2009

Shane French /

May 31, 2009


Hey All,

A hard week on all the rivers this week as the weather conditions became fine and settled. When I wasn’t guiding I fished the Waitahanui and the Hinemaiaia for myself. Both these rivers seemed barren. The Hinemaiaia will be closed as of tomorrow the 1st of June and once again it failed to fire in the early stages of the season. Yes it had the odd good fish go through but man I can remember when the upper section was choked full of fresh run trout in May, what the hell has happened there? Any way we will have to wait until December now to have a go at this section. Wouldn’t it be nice if DOC opened it up for a little longer, or moved the winter fishing limit up a bit further!!!

Stunning Jack

Stunning Jack

As I said the Waitahanui sucked this week. Yes there were the best trout in all the rivers in there but they were far and few between and I struggled whenever I ventured into there. Wait, yes I can hear Ross crowing from here and I am sure he is doing the wiggly bum dance! Don’t fret though as we are due some foul weather in the next day or so and all will be good again on the Nui.

So where to be over the next few days until this happens. Yip you guessed it, the Tonagriro. I guided on there yesterday and although we didn’t do as well as I would have liked, we still pulled out trout and saw some beauties as well. In fact I was really impressed with the size of some of these Tongariro trout. Being such a huge water system it is always going to be the place to be, when the other rivers are fishing hard.

No reports in from any of the rips and I haven’t been out there doing that myself. However the moon phase is good at the moment and if they aren’t in the rivers they have to be in the lake!!! This may be the place to be on the change of light or in the afternoon with the kids playing on the beach!!

Snow everywhere at the moment, I hope you enjoy the pics.

Regards Shane

Yes another beautiful sun set

Yes another beautiful sun set