Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 3rd Of August 2012

Shane French /

August 3, 2012

Hey all,

Wow we are into August, this is the busy end of the season. Generally August and September are very good months. The Tongariro gets good numbers of trout moving through and the freshies mixed with the older fish produces some good sport on the Tongariro.

The bit of rain that we had on Monday certainly pushed trout into all the rivers I fished, (and I fished a few). The Hinemaiaia has plenty of older trout in the upper section and some fresher ones down low. Some big fat Hens were in there this week, please have a second thought about taking these. Whacking one on the head is sort of like being pipped at the post, in trout terms. Crap loads of anglers on the Hine, anglers for Africa in fact

The Waitahanui had a good run of trout go through but many of these are spawning and almost impossible to get interest from. Bloody good fun trying though. The pools in the Nui look awesome. This river has had a good winter season. Whoever dumped all the rubbish at the Pig Pool needs beating. Seriously no respect!!

The Tauranga taupo had a good run go through as well. Excellent to see as well.  I thought the poor old Tauranga Taupo was having a bit of a hard year this year. I must go for a good walk up there soon, to see if there is any new water available above the rock wall. I know at the start of the season it was relatively shallow in parts, with many of the pools and runs altered for the worse. This may have changed and it is a neat river to re explore.

This weekend is going to be a good one, I can feel it. I will take huge amounts of photo’s just for you Ken and drip feed them to you over facebook all next week :)

Good luck, be safe on the water.

Regards Shane