Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 5th Of October 2012

Shane French /

October 5, 2012


Hey all.

Wow fishing fishing everywhere!

Not all of the Back Country stuff was fishable on the 1st. We had a bit of rain leading up to it, which kept some of the rivers full. I snuck out with a friend late in the morning to have a look at one or two streams myself. A few of the trout we hooked looked like they were still thinking about spawning and indeed after throwing everything we could at thins little silver hen, it took a bloody Glo Bug :(  The afternoon brightened up beautifully and it was awesome to be out on a river other than a Taupo Trib. Nothing better than two mates walking up a river and fishing hard.

I am taking a good client/friend/excited child into the Whanganui on Sunday, (weather permitting). I had the great pleasure of spending some of his money a few days ago in Hunting and Fishing. We had decided he needed a good 6# for the summer season and a few other tids and bits and so I was sent in to check it out. Geoff Stent had some specials going on this top of the line Sage as a newer version of this beast is about to come out. I am chomping at the bit to have a flick with the ZXL, as I have heard great things about it.

So after getting all worked up about the back country stuff and using my 5# for the day, I came home and shot out into the Waitahanui for a quick look as the Westerly had come up. I was pleasantly surprised by the fish numbers in there and once again the quality of them. I know I was using a 5# but I had one of the best fights from a Taupo trout that I have had for years! It was just under 4 pounds and the picture does not do it justice but this thing was a big fat whale :) One of the blistering runs it gave me, was so fast and powerful that I couldn’t get my hand out of the way from the handle and it got me :(

I’m looking forward to the Brown Trout Runs!

We have really unsettled cold blustery conditions for the next few days, so don’t put your Taupo gear away just yet.

Regards Shane