Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 6th Of June 2010

Shane French /

June 6, 2010

Hey All,

If you are in the Taupo fishery this weekend you should be having a ball!

I had a prior engagement that took almost a week to complete, hence the lack of reports last week. Going through the Google Stats some of you guys logged on quite a few times for you daily/ weekly fix. Sorry it waqs not available, I will make up for it this week!

So my first day back I said to Lesley, “”dude I need to check out the rivers”” Being the great support woman that she is, her reply was “” yeah, do it Shane, you need to¬† report in and bring back a trout””, enjoy yourself. OMG what a woman. So this report is dedicated to all those wonderful woman out there, who let their men go fishing!

My first plan of attack was the Nui. Going over the SH1 Bridge at Waitahanui I noticed 6 cars in the parks and no one fishing the Bridge or Delatours, this was at 12.00 pm. I drove to two of my parking points and both had cars in them. Hmmm I thought, long weekend + good fishing reports = shit loads of anglers. Good on ya guys if you managed to get down here.

Plan B then came into effect. I drove down to the Tonagriro and planned to work back having a look and or talking to some anglers. There were a heap of fisherman around the bridge pool with a heap of vehicles as well. I drove through town and went in at Admirals. This car park had three other cars there, but as the crossings were going to be difficult with the higher water flows ,I thought the true right might not have been so touched as the true left. I did have to do the crossing myself though!! I spoke to an American who had struggled in this section all morning, Hmmmmm….. I did the crossing but it was swift and deeper than I remember, one good thing however, the rocks have had a good clean and aren’t so hideous to walk on!!! I fished two major lies and never touched a trout. I know there are good numbers of fish in here but with the pressure it is getting you might have to move around to find them. The water was clear and if you were a smart fisherman, the last 1.5 meters of leader would have been Fluro. I didn’t feel like doing a truck load of walking in between pools and so shot back to the car and moved back towards Taupo.

The Tauranga Taupo had so many cars in the there, it was dangerous to count them driving past! Hell there were even cars in secret little spots that you guys are not meant to know about! Anyway I wanted to be alone and not bunny hopping, (no offense there, I don’t mean you are bunnies, hehe), so I moved on. The TT looked in great condition though. The river level has stayed up around the .4 mark and this should produce a good steady trickle of trout through its waters. We are going to get wet again today with some heavy fall of rain predicted. This will only help the TT and it should be a good river to poke around in for the whole week.

The Hine looked like it was getting a thumping from anglers with all the cars!!! My personal view on the river being opened up to the bridge pool is this. Oh yeah it is going to be great fun, heaps more water up there, most of it tricky and so not all anglers will fish it. However and this needs to be watched by all fisherman on the upper Hine. If you walk it, then you will be walking neer “”Reeds”” and this river in the upper section has not had angling pressure up there, in peak spawning season. For PEATS sake don’t stand on clean river bed, it more than likely is a “”Reed”” and is our spawning trout for this river in just over three years.

I headed for the Waitahanui again. By this stage the angling pressure had dropped right off and where I was going I thought I would have it to myself, I did. As soon as I got to my first piece of water I could detect movement on the bottom. It was a deep pool and so I lengthened my leader and added more weight. My first drift through and the indicator shot to the side as my Glowie was snatched up. As soon as I struck I could tell it was a good fish. A heavy weight that my Kilwell SAS 8# was designed to handle. So far this season I have had some great battles, in all the rivers, but this trout just set the bench mark. For well over ten minutes I fought this beauty, it would just NOT come to the bank, making terrific strong runs back across the other side. I must have almost had it in the net at least six times but it just never gave up and had the strength to prove it! It was a fat fat fat Hen of about 5 pounds with that beautiful pink going down both flanks, an unbelievable fish. I will celebrate its memory accompanied with Brussell sprouts and baby carrots tonight! I checked my trace and put through my second drift. This time it came in a little closer to the bank I was standing on and with all the cutty grass sticking out I had no idea if there were trout there. The water was still deep though and I could see my indicator. With that the indicator went under! I am a huge fan of the, if it stops, then strike theory, so I struck! “”Shit”” hard up on the bottom I came……. and then it moved!! I was using 8 pound Mono Maxima and a size ten single Glowie, I was fairly confident of a strong hook up and so all bets were on, in my opinion. That was until it decided to move upstream fast and heading toward a freaking big snag. So I put the breaks on! My SAS was bent to the LAST rung, yes I actually took notice and giggled. The problem is I was still giving line, I really locked down, hell I thought Its going to snag me if I don’t and maybe just maybe I could turn it back down stream!! It stopped, I thought, “”yes”” then it moved up again. It was like nothing I have ever had done to me by a trout!! It did snag me and I busted off, I never even got to see it. As said before in my reports, there are some BIG trout around at the moment!! Yes I cried a little!

So there ya have it. As said we are getting rain now, all the rivers will probably come up again in volume and the fishing should stay hot. Get here if you can this week.

Regards Shane