Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 7th Of July 2012

Shane French /

July 7, 2012

Hey All,

Steven and I went for a good walk up the Waitahanui yesterday, getting as far as the limit pool. there were good number of trout all the way through with some monster browns thrown in. there guys are still spawning as well. The problem was nothing wanted to have a go at out Nymphs and we pretty much tried everything. They seemed really spooky.

At the swirl pool we came across this spinner set up. As I got down to the waters edge I noticed some line in the water and then realized it had been tied to the trees. On pulling it in, there was a Green Veltec spinner attached :( This had been left to waft around in the current. I have found heaps of containers up there in the past year that looked like they had contained Egg Roe, this is just another case of Poaching on the Nui. Its the 7th day of the new license’s and I have been on the water for 4 of those and not seen a single bloody DOC ranger :(The only way they are going to beat the poachers is to have a show of force on the rivers. I have put it to them before, that I would offer my services as a honorary Ranger but they are too caught up in their own ideas to accept that.

We have fine weather in store for us this week and so I am not sure the river fishing will be productive. Casting a line into the rips might be a go with a heave and leave or woolly bugger, especially on the change of light. If I did want to have a flick in a river it would probably be the Tongariro in and around the town pools.

Enjoy the beautiful weather this week.

Regards Shane