Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 9th Of August 2012

Shane French /

August 9, 2012

Hey all,

First, a big thanks to Dave Cade for walking up the Waitahanui River with Rubbish bags, collecting all the crap that has been left there. I believe the grand total was 4 black rubbish bags. Nice work Dave you do heaps for the Taupo fishery, it is definitely a better place because of you.

With the rivers being low and clear and with the total lack of wind over the week, I have not bothered venturing out. I did need a few trout today as I wanted to play with my new smoker and so had a look at a few rivers, in hope of a nice silver fish. Pffft should have brought some Salmon from the super market! Wow talk about empty rivers, DOC are going to be shitting themselves about NOW!! In a fit of desperation I drove down to Turangi and had a good look at the Tongariro. I thought there should have been a heap more trout in this river by NOW. I made a point of talking to some pretty clued up anglers and the consensus was, big lack of trout. I fished my Stag pool beat and I have never been skunked on this, it just doesn’t happen, well apart from today anyway :(

I didn’t have a look at the Hinemaiaia or the Waitahanui but the later was pretty empty on Saturday and we have not had any weather conditions suitable for running trout since then.

We have rain in the forecast for the weekend, but once again it is moving in from the North heading South.

Tight lines for the weekend.