Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 9th Of Februar 2011

Shane French /

February 9, 2011

Hey All,

Well I have managed to have a look at most of the Taupo Tribs over the past week and they all have one thing in common, “Hard”. From what I can gather, all the rain we have had pushed the little buggers out into the lake.

The Waitahanui has a few Brown in the lower and middle sections. The upper pools were empty last week. Great looking water, The Nui has had a bit of a De-silt and all the pools look yummy! The Rip is basically going straight out from the bridge, with the straight once again lost :)

They are still releasing water into the Hinemaiaia and its flow is quite strong. God I love the Hine, I could lose myself for hours in here if I was aloud to. On the day I checked out the uppers, the wind was howling and the water volume was perfect if it had been Winter. I got smashed by something quite large on the surface but that was it. Not even any tiddlers!

The Tauranga Taupo looks awesome! The last flood has cleaned the hell out of it and apart from the access issues, the TT is in great nick! I really enjoyed being on here as all the water has changed, it was like stepping into a new river. There is a heap of holding water for the trout to move into and that means they will stay in the section from the road to cliff pool for longer. I fished it when the level was about .49 and there was plenty of water. Shame there were no bloody trout though! I sort of wondered about that as the level had been soooo high and for some time. I would suggest the TT got the hell clean out in general. The beautiful day and good company I was with, made up for the lack of trout, (but only just).

I ducked down to the Tongariro a few days ago and had a good poke around this one myself. This river has changed as well, bloody hell! One of my never fail pools has been taken out. The run coming in has changed, turning the actual pool into a swirling horrible mess. The next piece of water just up from that has also taken a turn for the worst. This piece always holds Browns and even if you didn’t hook up, it fun trying. Again something shifted and the true right silted over. Gutted!!! What I did find was some really exciting water that has opened up and some of the other older pools have deepened and are looking good. I was talking to Andrew Christmas the other day and he mentioned the Stag Pool had changed for the worst. For A second I thought I saw a tear, but yeah Andrew that would be a bummer. So once again get out there and explore, the river has changed. The Pine tree in the picture is for Ross!

Oh man, the back country has been hard work this year. Floods, floods and more floods, followed by wind and more floods. I haven’t been able to get into some of my rivers for a long time now and have just learnt that a major river and its tribs are shagged for the rest of the season. Apparently the Waipunga ran very high, is still chocolate in colour and it looks like a cyclone has gone through the area. Crap!!!

The Taupo rivers will start to fill up again. Paul told me last night that he had very good numbers on his fish finder, off Waitahanui a few nights ago, although they wouldn’t touch a thing! I have had a flick in a few of the rips now around Taupo and have picked up trout. If they aren’t in the rivers they must be out there somewhere!

Have fun.