Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding reports For The 12th Of December 2011

Shane French /

December 12, 2011

Hey All,

I decided on Saturday to have a look at the upper reaches of the Hinemaiaia. This section is now open for fishing and in past years the first three weeks of December have offered up some really exciting fishing. I have had some brilliant days walking the upper pools of this scenic bush clad river.

Saturday was a brilliant day as it turned out. The sun was hot, there were Cicadas chirping away and where I was, the wind was light. All it needed was some trout. I decided to drop in below the Cliff pool and work my way up. I know this section well and always pull fish from it. The water level was perfect, it had good flow and volume and was that tea colour that makes the Hine unique in the Taupo fishery. I knew there would be a heap of older trout in there and so decided to use my 5#. The fight is just so much better on lighter gear!

In the first decent run I came too, my indicator was pulled under almost immediately as my Nymphs sunk. My point fly must have been hit with some considerable speed! On striking, I felt that familiar head shaking give that signified a hook up. This is the feeling I love the most out of fighting a trout, that initial adrenaline burst you get, (No i’m not addicted to fishing :)  ). I realized pretty quickly that this was a good trout and that I was going to have an extremely hard fight on my hands, especially due to the area of River I was in, (where was the 8# now). I have been using Vanish Fluro for some years now, for its price I fully believe there is no better value out there, (Hunting and Fishing Taupo stock it). This trout really tested my 6 pound tippet to its breaking point and beyond. I really had to apply pressure to this grumpy bugger  and Twice I was astounded by the holding abilities of “”vanish””. In the end, and due to the fact I haven’t pulled too many decent trout from Taupo this year, I ended up going for a good swim down through some rather interesting water to keep up with it. Lying on your back, floating down and reeling in slack line, will take your mind off all sorts of worldly worries, let me tell you. Wading belts are wonderful things and should be worn at all times, but I really hate the way they let in a slow trickle of ice cold water, once you stand back up :(  Once netted I admired the trout quickly got the above picture and then slipped it back into the water. I thought about whacking it on the head but I haven’t seen too many nice fish like this for the 2011 season, (due to a lack of fishing mainly) and I got a good amount of joy releasing it.

I dried off a bit and then walked back up stream and started again, thinking “Oh yeah here we go, freshies in the system” Hmmmm that was it, one strike one fish!! Should have smacked it on the head :)

I fished most of the beat I do for this part of the river but there was just nothing else around, that I could tell. Bit strange really as there should have been! In my opinion, (here we go), I think the upper Hinemaiaia, above the bridge, should be closed over winter like it had been for years. Anglers are walking on the Reeds, which is going to have a huge impact in another two years and with the extra trout taken during the season, it has obviously effected the numbers holding. The Hinemaiaia has never had an issue with trout numbers, but this year it did. I hope DOC has the foresight and guts to go with it to change the rule back for next season!!

I am on the quads tomorrow, (if the weather holds out) and so hopefully will get some good pictures. The section we are doing holds some of the biggest trout in the system and some of the most scenic pools and runs as well. I am really cracking my neck to get this guy onto some decent fish.

Regards Shane