Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Reports For The 6th Of December 2011

Shane French /

December 6, 2011



Hey All,

Please check the bottom of this page for some cool fishing stuff happening in Taupo On 20th Of December, Ta guys!

I had a fantastic end to a very hectic week, last Friday. I finally managed to get Steven in on the Quad bikes, to do some video work and to check out an awesome beat, that I haven’t walked in a few years. We didn’t meet up with John until 7.30 and didn’t get onto the water until just after 10.00, taking our time getting things set up. A monstrous tree  had fallen down on the goat track, leading down to the start of the beat and so While John found a way down through the bush with one of the Quads, Steven and I legged it the last 1.5 Km. Not the best start but that is why we do these trips, John took care of the tree on the way out!!

Once on the water it became very obvious that NO one had walked up. The sand showed no human footprints in the places that an angler would have crossed at and you could sneak right up on the trout. The water had a little colour in it but the level was near perfect. I had my sights set on a few specific places I wanted to fish, as I knew they were very deep and I would need extra weight and a longer leader to get down to the trout. This is something that you as an angler should try to come to grips with, as it certainly increases your catch rate, being able to fish water others struggle with.

We moved up fairly fast because of this and I was pleased to see that the river had not changed in the slightest, all the crossings were do able and although it isn’t the easiest of water to fish we pulled trout from all the places we stopped at. In one of the pools I hooked and landed three in three casts before deciding to leave it. The trout were not big by any means, averaging about 3 to 3.5 pounds but they had grunt and there were heaps of them. As I say we moved through damn fast and if we had fished more water I am sure there would have been a biggie in the there somewhere. This section is not renowned for size but it is a great section to fish, however over the summer months those 3 pounders will fatten up to 5 pounders!

Steven did a magic job of videoing the action and his editing of this particular video is his best yet. He dropped a really good fish at the end of the day that would have beaten all of mine. In the end I was so knackered from fighting fish, running down stream after them and all the striking in between, that we called it a day and hoofed it up to the extraction point. It was then back on the quads and safely back out.

Check out the latest video from this trip. It is up now, just click play.

On the 20th of December at the starlight Taupo cinema there will be a really cool movie about a group of mad keen flyfishermen trying to catch some fantastic trout i the back country of Russia!! Tickets are $20 each. There is drinkies from 5.30 with the movie starting at 6.15 PROCEEDS TO THE LAKE TAUPO HOSPICE!!!! You can pre buy tickets from The House Of Travel Taupo or RSVP to Karl Woolcott Phone 3772700 or email  This actually looks really cool!

Tight lines all