Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Guiding Reports For The 9th Of December 2011

Shane French /

December 9, 2011


Hey All,

I did the Tauranga Taupo Yesterday all the way up past Rangers Pool. I haven’t dragged myself up there for a few years and was dead keen to have a look.

I was up early and walked all the way to Rangers before I set my Rod up, that way I knew I couldn’t fish the water that looked “Oh So beautiful”. To be honest however the middle section from the Rock wall to just below the Cliff pool does not look interesting at all. The snags and rocks have been taken out by the floods early in the season and the deeper water has filled in, leaving a lot of the middle section a bit shallow! This happens heaps on the TT and I am not worried in the slightest, as given a few more floods, it will change again.


I rigged up with my 5# Kilwell Innovation  a tapered Fluro trace, sliding indicator and my hairy reapers for Nymphs. I have been playing around with bead head colours and Body variations and have some Nymphs that are taking Trout in all conditions, in all the water I fish. While my fly Tying bill has increased, I have dramatically cut the cost of the flies I buy in :) Once I had sculled back a can of “V” I was ready to rock.

First cast caught me totally unawares, as I was looking downstream admiring the view, when on the swing my Nymphs got NAILED. Now I have been fishing hard out for the past three weeks on some of the best water in NZ and this little 2.5 Jack, (top picture) really made me work. It tried every dirty trick in the book, coming into me fast, making me strip line and walk back to keep pressure on it, then screaming off across the other side of the river to a snag, making me put sideways pressure on it. The fight was fast and furious for about a full 2 minutes. I couldn’t actually believe the size of the trout when I beached it!! The TT trout have always had that aggression in them which makes the river a pleasure to fish. So there I am think WOW that was easy, one cast one trout, well that was it for about another 2 hours!!! :(

There are heaps of fish in the upper Tauranga Taupo, but they have all seen a tonne  of anglers so far this season, and by the footprints going up past Rangers, some of them have seen anglers recently. The further up I went the better the fishing got, but unless you are staying at the lodge, it is a mission of a walk. My total KM’s for the day according to Google earth was 14.6 KM. Don’t you love it how beer tastes after a day like that? I managed about 7 or 8 hook ups for the day and if you add in the serenity of the place and the amazing weather that was Thursday, then all up it was a great day out.

I’ll post this one again.

On the 20th of December at the starlight Taupo cinema there will be a really cool movie about a group of mad keen flyfishermen trying to catch some fantastic trout i the back country of Russia!! Tickets are $20 each. There is drinkies from 5.30 with the movie starting at 6.15 PROCEEDS TO THE LAKE TAUPO HOSPICE!!!! You can pre buy tickets from The House Of Travel Taupo or RSVP to Karl Woolcott Phone 3772700 or email  This actually looks really cool!

Also sob sob. In an unfortunate episode, my computer that I normally use for putting in reports, needed re formatting. In the process of doing this, ALL of my emails and addresses have been lost. The back up did not work and nor have any of the recovery programs :( sooooo if you would like to go onto the Taupo Fishing members list for specials, please send me an email and I will confirm back. Also this will be the reason if you are waiting on an email from me, cough cough Mike, Chris and Bob :)

Take care over the weekend guys.

Regards Shane