Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Back Country Report For The 19th Of October 2014

Shane French /

October 19, 2014


Hey All,

As the Winter season draws to an end and the back Country season opens up, its a good time to reflect on what has happened and to also look forward with anticipation, of whats to come.

We certainly didn’t get the massive runs that some anticipated, to make up for the  (sometimes) total emptiness the rivers have provided us with, over Winter. For me the 2014 season will be remembered for a lack of trout. Condition wise they were ok, nothing flash, just ok. I picked up some beauties and have seen plenty of anglers with great conditioned trout, at times. However at other times the trout were below average on the condition factor as well. I think overall the trout in the lake are finding sufficient food. I will mark 2014 down in my memory banks as in three years time we might suffer the same issue with numbers and identifying a pattern like that is important.  We probably still have a few runs left in us for this season and so watch the rain gauges and hit the rivers at the correct time, to maximize your chances.


The boaties are having a blast on the lake when they can get out. I have had several reports over the last month of really good conditioned trout being caught and plenty of them to boot. That is promising for the fishery as a whole.


I am pleased to see that the trout I am pulling from the back country rivers are in very good condition for this time of year. Sometimes, when they have had a hard Winter, the condition is below par at this time of year. The fact we had a mild Winter rain wise, has meant the trout have not been beaten around and the extra food they have managed to eat has kept them in fairly good nick. If you catch a fish now that is 4 pound you can guarantee it will be six by the end of summer, if we get the hatches. On a warm day with little wind I am seeing trout take off the surface and they are certainly rising off the bottom to take mid water. It wont be long before they are slurping bugs off the surface. Both the Winged Reaper and Blue Raptor under a Black Bodied Reaper has taken trout in all the rivers I have looked at so far. I am leaning more and more on the Raptor especially as the day warms up and more bugs appear. I may as well give this old boy a plug. I fished with Brett Cameron from CPF Flyfishing the other day. We have both fished the river we chose, for many years, but never together. It was a great day, full of laughs and great trout like the one Brett is holding. I fully recommend Brett as a guide, he will look after you well.


Some of the rivers like the Whakapapa have been smashed by anglers, with up to 6 cars in the parks at all access points. this sort of pressure certainly puts the trout down. At the moment I am fishing smaller streams where casting is not an issue and water levels are not being a problem. You would not believe the size of some of these fish taken in small streams. I am really looking forward to a good season this year and will hopefully be able to give you plenty to read about and look at.

Regards Shane