Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 01/05/2015

Shane French /

May 1, 2015


Hey all.

Good grief it’s May already!

If you are coming to Taupo this weekend then this is what is going on within the Tribs at the moment.

The Waitahanui has trout throughout its length which is fantastic to see. Unfortunately it is getting poached as usual. I spotted a bag of egg roe by the pig pool this morning after hearing a car pull away and go further up the river. So sick of this it is not funny, DOC you suck! It has plenty of Hens in there doing their thing and I took home a nice fish of about four pounds that had spawned. Its belly was empty of eggs when I cut it open but because it had come straight in and done the deed, it had not lost any condition. The flesh was very orange and it has smoked up a treat.

The Hinemaiaia has plenty of trout in there and like the Nui they are all the way through. Older ones up the top are a bit darker but down low they are lovely and silver. Angling pressure is pretty high on the river as usual. Please watch the reeds, (spawning beds) if and when you walk the river. I know I sound like a broken record, but so what, I love my fishery.


The Tauranga Taupo really got up in volume from all the rain over the weekend and has only just come down to a nice fishable level. Fish the deeper water over the weekend, there should be trout holding in there. Don’t be afraid to move if you are not getting onto them. The Red Beastie or Red Reaper is a good choice for this river once it clears, although to be honest I do love my Glo Bugs.

The Tongariro really came up, but dropped fast and apparently looked stunning on Thursday. However the trout were a little hard to get onto, well that is if you were after Rainbows, it seems the Browns are in there is very good numbers still and some of these are fresh! I was told the lower reaches have changes once again, so it could be interesting to have a walk down there and potter around. The lower reaches are a good choice early in the season.

I have taken the vast majority of my trout on Glo Bugs so far this season. The Big Boys Bomb accounted for a Nice Hen out of the Nui this morning but in general they have been nailing the Glo Bugs. Check out my price on these as not only are they cheap they are also very unique, I love tying Bugs. I have been flat out tying up Indicators as well, so I have a good stock of these available now.

Tight Lines for the weekend Guys, be safe.

Regards ShaneIMG_5130