Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 02 Of December 2014

Shane French /

December 2, 2014


Hey all.

May as well get right into it.

The Taupo Rivers opened up their winter limits yesterday and so I shot into the upper section of the Hinemaiaia. I used to be dead keen on this date as you could walk from the water supply up to the Limit and bag 20 or 30 mending trout in a 5 hour session, catch and release. The next day you might get the same but have to work a bit harder and then as the week wore on and the trout became more skittish, it became a bit harder still. However those first three or four days were magic. This year I got three and I spooked two more in a deep pool that I peered into. I didn’t fish all the way up as it was depressing. If you go to my face Book page , (Taupo Fishing) I give a little more detail on it but yeah what a joke.


I know Brett Cameron fished the upper Tongariro on the rafts so I will have a chat to him and see what that was like. The Tongariro certainly had a tough season and the upper pools may reflect this.

Some good news!

Wow on the Trout coming out of the lake, holly hell these are fat, silver little barrels and not the small little 3 pounders that the rivers saw this season. Some of these are 5 and 6 pounds. That is excellent news and I can’t wait to see what the next winter season is like.


At the moment it is pretty cold in Taupo we had a good dumping of snow on the mountain and the hills have snow on them as well. Yesterday was meant to be the start of Summer. Someone forgot to tell Summer that!

Back country the Cicadas are starting to chirp and the trout are responding to them. I fished a beautiful little river miles into the back of know where last week. The day was hot and  I managed to pull 4 or 5 of these feisty little silver bullets out, on the walk back down stream. The weather is still up and down when it comes to the back country water but it wont be long before things settle down and we get some long hot spells. The insects will hatch and the trout will respond. In so saying I talked to an angler the other day who witnessed a huge hatch late one evening on the Tongariro. He managed to hook into a fat silver little two pound freshy that gave as good as it got.


The rips will be starting to fire with smelting trout from about now. It used to be as early as October but the seasons have certainly changed and everything is later on…..

The Brown trout are just around the corner :)

Regards ShaneIMG_6030