Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 02 Of November 2013

Shane French /

November 2, 2013



Its November, the back country season has had a months jump start on us but we finally kicked it off. Weather was CRAP, heavy showers and cold wind all day in the part of the country we fished. The plan was to try and find a river we had looked hard for early last season. We knew where it was meant to be and had driven up and down the road at least a dozen times last season trying to find it and didn’t. The problem was the angle it went “under” the road and the fact there was no bridge to drive over, (it had been diverted through large pipes), so basically this thing was hidden, in the open! This time however we had the help of technology, with a GPS system, in short we found it fast :) Although it is a small stream it had been swelled by the rain in the area and had a wee bit of colour in the water, making spotting difficult. With that in mind we fished anything deep, blind. Alex was the first to hook up, with a beautiful 7.5 pound beautiful Brown Trout that this river is renowned for producing. A few bends later and I was hard into this 5.5 pound Jack. This was all within the first hour, we thought we had struck the jackpot of rivers. However that was it for the day. The further upstream we walked, the smaller and more overgrown the river became, making casting impossible. We walked back to the car and then headed downstream. The stream became much bigger and smaller tributaries entered, however due to the rain these had become dark in colour and so effected the overall quality of the water. We hiked it out and made our way back home happy in our little adventure. Bring on the dry hot stuff for the season.

Regards Shane

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