lake taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 03.07.2014

Shane French /

July 3, 2014


Hey all.

Wow what a response from you guys on my last post. It seems, (and I wasn’t surprised) that there are many anglers out there concerned with the lack of DOC patrols on the Waitahanui. Its a shame that quite a few of you no longer fish this amazing piece of water because of the crap that has been going on there for many years now. Green Stone tackle store jumped on the wagon as well as Ross from TRM and from all the TXT’s, emails and phone calls I have had, we are all pretty disappointed with the lack of action going on. On Monday I sat down before work and sent DOC an email outlining our concerns. In this email I asked a question that had been sent to me by a reader. We want to know how many days, (hours) in the past season had DOC patrolled the Nui. I thought this was an excellent question to ask! I received a fast reply back from Peter Shephard and he had forwarded it on to a few other people. He is apparently trying to find that data and what they intend to do in the future and then get back to me. Well he has until tomorrow to sort this as I promised I would then go to the Taupo Times about it. I don’t really want to be the face of this but my fishery needs help and so be it. I’ll keep you posted.

Back to the reports.

IMG_5130The wind, Rain and cold spell we are having is pushing fish through all the rivers. Both the TT and the Tongariro have been up in volume. in fact it has been perfect for the Trout to run. both these rivers have only just been un fishable, (to fast) but in no means have they been in flood, just enough to make the trout run. It should be great fishing when they drop to a fishable level.

The Hinemaiaia has been running high but not dirty. Unless you are fishing the quiet water, (if you can find any) then you would have needed weight and a fair amount of it. Paul did just that in the weekend and struggled until he added a large chunk of split shot. He then picked up fish on a regular basis. It is not pretty to cast, (more of a lob) but it works and once they are on the line it is all fun anyway. I drove over the Hine yesterday and although it was up in volume it looked fishable. However no one was in the car park by the bridge so I may be wrong in that assumption.

IMG_5154The Waitahanui had a run go through on Saturday and I thought they may have been in the top pools by Sunday, so I went for a walk. I didn’t see a single fish. I spoke to a few anglers and they too had been skunked. Hmmmm wonder where they got to. the middle reaches would have been a sensible area to look at but I was running out of time and so left that for another day. The Westerly/ South Westerly has been blowing in there for the past couple of days and I would expect to have trout in there by now, if they can get past the straight!

New licenses now. I understand many of you, including myself, think ahhh F@!K it why should I pay for this when there is no action by DOC. It’s quite simple, it is the law to have a license and to abide by the rules. They are good rules and the fishery will stay healthy because of it. Well that and the fact that if I don’t get a license I can guarantee I will get checked. That will be the third time in 37 years!!

Be safe, thank you for the support and tight lines all.

Regards Shane