Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 04th Of August 2014

Shane French /

August 4, 2014


Hey All.

Well we desperately needed rain and we got it!

I fished the Tongariro last week and really struggled. I thought going in at the end of Grace road would be a good option as I had heard the town and upper pools were a bit on the barren side. Being August and not really getting the Runs that we had expected so far in the season I thought they had to be lurking somewhere. I fished hard! I put through good drifts in some pretty likely looking water for one small Jack. All the anglers I came across were scratching their heads. One poor guide with two clients that were going to struggle all day, looked like he knew what his day had install for him :) This river like all the rest needed rain and well…. it got it. When the levels drop to a fishable state it should be all go on the Tongariro. If there isn’t a good run from this the season is in trouble! I would check out Ross’s report on Tongariro River Motels web site to keep up to date on this river.

IMG_5395I fished the Tauranga Taupo as well last week. I haven’t been into the middle and upper pools all season. Too many cars combined with low water levels have made me stay away from it. However on Saturday as I passed by at 12.00pm there were only two cars in the car park. Oh well I thought a good walk and a look see is in order. Wow I was impressed by what I found. The river was low and clear at around .3 on the gauge but the pools that I came across were deep and most of the drifts snag free. This sort of water will stack fish up when and if they decide to come in. In short it looked awesome! The rain came in and the river shot up to a max of 1.8 this has the potential to really move some of those dead trees lying on the banks and so I hope all those beautiful clear deep pools are still the same. When it becomes fishable the TT will be a fun place to explore.

IMG_5404I fished the Waitahanui yesterday and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. I thought with all the other rivers being blown out that I would find a gazillion cars throughout and a plague of anglers beating the water to a froth. The lower reaches certainly looked like they had some traffic, with lots of cars, however when I got to the upper pools there were very few footprints in the mud and only one car under the power lines. I saw trout throughout the beat, all the way to Gordon Williams. The problem was they had already teamed up and most of them were pretty busy spawning. I picked up one very nice Hen that ended up coming home with me for the smoker. Although The fishing was a bit tough it was really good to see so many trout in the river.

IMG_5408I would appreciate knowing if DOC were on the Waitahanui Sunday, guys??? It was the ideal time to look at licenses and show face. All the rivers were in flood except the Nui and so it would have been the ideal time to hit the public up being concentrated in one spot. So if you saw them there, (or didn’t see them there) please let me know. I wont believe their story of increasing Ranger numbers until I see it for myself or get continued confirmation from you the angling public. Keeping the pressure on these guys is paramount.

Apparently, (and I received a long and lengthy explanation) there are NO land issues on the upper Nui any more, (if there were in the first place). There is a small piece of land that the owners do not want Pakeha to walk over and that is why the alternative rout has been supplied. Hey I’m all good with this, it is their land and they certainly have that choice, albeit somewhat raciest. However my initial question into it was why DOC did not patrol the area. If it wasn’t because of the land issue, (which it isn’t) then it must just be because they don’t give a toss. Get up there DOC, show your face and while you are there take a BIG plastic rubbish bag and collect some rubbish OH protectors of our waterways!!