Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 05 Of July 2013

Shane French /

July 5, 2013


Hey All,

What a great season it has been and the best is yet to come, historically.

This mammoth of a Jack was taken on Sunday by Paul after a fantastic fight on his 6#. What a beast of a fish! He gave it to me to smoke and as you can see the flesh was beautiful. It was taken on a Green Bead Reaper. Paul has been trialing these for me over the past three months along with a couple of other local boys. The word from them is that they catch trout and generally the big ones :) I am only selling these in #12 as they seem to like them big, it doesn’t really matter if the water is clear or coloured. They are on my shop now.

IMG_0904There are trout sneaking into the Waitahanui all the time at the moment. If they aren’t in one section, move as they ARE in there. The red Bead Reaper is a damn good choice when angling pressure has been high. These do have the red colour appeal but certainly look nothing like a Glo Bug, therefore they don’t spook the fish as much, if thats what they have been seeing.

The Hinemaiaia has trout moving in all the time now. Angling pressure is “sick” but if you spend the time looking for a little quiet spot you should find one. The water level was running high for a little while there and then late last week they shut the flow down. Fish to the conditions guys, less flow means less weight required. Naturals come into their own as well.

IMG_0912The Tauranga Taupo water level dropped like a brick once the rain stopped. It had a bloody good run go through and everyone was happy with their catch. I believe the trout from the TT fight the hardest of any Taupo Trout, I can’t wait to get in there next time the flow goes up. They love Glo Bugs in this system but I believe the red bead Reaper will slay them here. Go through the water slowly. I always smile when I see anglers racing for the top water. There are so many snags and banks for the trout to hide underĀ  in this river and all it takes is a decent drift and you are in. It is a great river to practice your casting and due to the fact long drifts can be made, extra weight is not needed, if you don’t like that type of fishing.

The Tongariro went off! I can’t really say it any better. If you weren’t catching trout I suggest you get some help :) These fish have spread out through the fishery now and so going through the pools slowly and methodically should see you hooked up. One of my clients had a blast above Red Hut with the size 12 Red Bead Reaper last week. In fact he was using them in Tandem. He watched from the Bridge as one angler using a standard Bomb and Glo Bug fished this water. The trout were moving out of the way when the drift came through, (that’s a terrible sign). He left this guy to it and went further up stream and had a blast. On his way back down he once again looked over the bridge and the small school of trout were still there, no one was fishing the water. He lengthened his leader, went down to 5 pound Fluro, double Red Beads and split shot and pulled three fish over 30 minutes, his biggest of the day came from Red Hut. Being an Aussie I found this quite amusing, he has spent way too much time in my company. The fact is hes a smart guy with a great cast and wont let the fish beat him. :)

So get out there, the trout are coming in with or without rain / wind the only thing missing is you.

Regards Shane