Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 05th Of September 2013

Shane French /

September 5, 2013


Hey all.

Wow September!! Less than a month for the back country to open up. This year has just shot by, damn i’m a year older, well almost.

IMG_1375I did a back country stream on Tuesday, I just couldn’t help myself. It is one of the few open in Winter and although the fishing was tough, the day was beautiful. The sun was out all day and with no breeze, it was hot! There was even a small insect hatch. For those of you who recognize this river, I can tell you that over the winter season I have fished plenty of its water and it has not bounced back from the flood it received three years ago. I fully believe every trout in its system was smashed to pieces and it will take another year or two before it replenishes from below. Very sad, considering how fabulous it was leading up to the storm that smashed it. As I say, it was a great day anyway and the water I fished, I had not seen before. Although there is plenty of walking to do on the beat, the going is relatively easy so when it does re full with hard fighting Browns and Rainbows it will be a magic day out. As it was I pulled this great rainbow from a beautiful deep run/pool. The fight on my 5# was epic to say the least. The adrenaline was pumping hard. Its what back country is all about, hard fighting trout on light gear, in perfect settings with NO other anglers for miles around. There is a chance I may be guiding this summer, so watch this space.

The Taupo scene. For Goodness sake give us some rain, PLEASE!!! I keep seeing it in the forecast and then it just fizzles out. We get a splattering and that’s it. I mean I got all excited because the Tauranga Taupo rose to .255 :( Thats a summer level and even then its a low one. So bring it on, lets get wet and dirty!

IMG_1389The Waitahanui is as low and clear as I have seen it. I fished the upper this morning. Had the whole place to myself when I got there at 8.30. As with my past posts on this magnificent piece of water, there are trout in there but they are paired up and doing their thing. They are hard to get any interest from. I did manage to hook into this big old Brownie. What a struggle to bring him in. The indicator twitched and I was in full pre strike mode so lifted the rod and had this beauty on the other end. It took a #12 Red Beastie. Well to be honest the Trout is almost foul hooked, but it must have had a good look :) that’s all that counts. Anyway as I was saying what a fight. It used every dirty trick in the book to dislodge the hook, even going around a large rock, making me wade in up to my chest to release the pressure. It used the current against me as well and if I hadn’t been using my SAS it probably would not have been in the picture. That Vanish 6 Pound Fluro Hunting and Fishing have is great stuff. It can really take some punishment and being Fluorocarbon is invisible in the water spectrum. It has great abrasion resistance, so is stealthy and tough at the same time. Just make sure with the 6 pound that you have at least 7 to 8 turns before threading back through the loop. It is then as strong as anything. Oh yeah BTW the Red Beastie Rocks!!

IMG_1393I’m sure the Hine has trout in it but good grief anglers everywhere. I know I sound like a broken record but wow. So please watch out for these things. This is a REED or trout spawning bed. See the clean looking stones compared to the darker slimy ones. That means some hard working female, (yes they are out there, hope the wife doesn’t read this) has dug it up and then let some big arsed Jack finish the job. Its a lot of work, is our future trout in three years time and PLEASE don’t stand anywhere near them!! I know Peter Wilton the DOC ranger checking licenses is doing a great job trying to educate anglers with this as well. While we are on DOC and the Hinemaiaia. I read in the local paper a few weeks back that Dave Cade, WHO SHOULD BE FULL TIME DOC EMPLOYED caught a 42 cm water rat in one of his traps. Bloody hell how did it fit in there bud? Thats the legal trout size :) Nice work Dave.

IMG_1398So after being horrified at the number of anglers on the Hinemaiaia, I shot down to the Tongariro for a little look. It has been getting a pounding too. I fished it fathers day and saw plenty of trout, hooked a few too. Today however the Southerly was screaming in and I am sure getting a cast up into that would have been a total mission and maybe a little dangerous. This is where the wet liners come into their own. Firing out a sinking line with a short trace and #8 Woolly Bugger is sooooo much easier than trying to cast up into the wind with an indicator and ten feet of trace. Even the Tongariro is low so if you are wet lining and are not targeting the deep water, try an intermediate line and try the runs instead. This is the water I picked up my fish on Sunday. Certainly while the other rivers are low and clear the Tongariro will be your best bet for a good days fishing. However if we do get rain and the water levels come up, then its game on and everything should fire.

I look forward to bring you another report next week. Until then be safe and tight lines.

Regards Shane