Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 08th Of August 2013

Shane French /

August 8, 2013


Hey all,

What happened to all the rain we were meant to get. I should watch what I wish for as we will probably get smashed but we could certainly do with a drop or two.

So with that in mind I shot down to the Tongariro early this morning as that river probably had the best chance of me hooking up. If you read Ross’s report and I fully recommend you do, as it has the best information about whats going on with our fishery out there. He will undoubtedly tell lies and say the fishing is red hot and all the trout are in fantastic condition easily surpassing the previous years. So with me going down there you will at least get a balanced view of whats going on down there.

IMG_1107Actually it wouldn’t be too much of a lie to say the fishing is hot. The trout are certainly in fantastic condition that’s for sure. I landed 7 good trout all about the same size as this Jack in about 3 hours. I really took my time through the water changing over from Glo Bugs to naturals and back again. I took most of my fish on the Glo Bug today. I fished below the bridge this morning and then did a small section from Stag up. The upper pools didn’t produce a single thing. I gather we need a good fresh run to fill this section up. I mean there is NO bloody chance of anything getting past the bridge pool. Crack me up, really is that what you call fishing. Each to their own Mr French!

IMG_1110On the way back to Taupo I stopped off at the Hinemaiaia. As usual the pressure was high on this piece of water. There are plenty of trout in here but the water levels are very low and if you were not fishing to those conditions you would have struggled. I picked up three fat Hens in quick succession, taking one for the smoker.

So apparently we do have rain in the forecast starting from Sunday. Hopefully it will make the trout run and we will have a great weeks sport on all the Taupo Tribs.

Be safe over the weekend, watch the rocks on the rivers, they are like grease.

Regards Shane