Lake Taupo Trout Fishing and Guiding Report For The 10th Of May 2015

Shane French /

May 10, 2015


Hey all.

Wow the winter fishery has taken off with a bang! All the Taupo tribs have fresh run trout in them after the last bout of rain and they had fish in them from the rain before that.

The Waitahanui started off with a ROAR, there were fresh run trout right throughout its course 10 days ago. Then the wind changed to a northerly and although we got rain last week that bought colour to the Nui and increased the flow, the trout stayed away. This river is generally a South westerly, or Westerly producer of trout. So in saying that we had a good old blow yesterday afternoon into the night from the South West and I would not be surprised to find that the Nui has had a decent run go through. I fished this river on Friday and although I ended up with 4 for the morning, I really had to work for those 4. The other rivers will be getting a pounding over the next few days, so if you want some piece and quiet the Waitahanui will be a very good option.

I heard some great fish came out of the Hinemaiaia but there were anglers everywhere!


The Tauranga Taupo has had a brilliant start to the season. I have heard numerous accounts of good numbers of trout taken in this fantastic Trib of lake Taupo. last year I found that the trout moved through really quickly and you literally had to be Johnny on the spot to pick them up. This season, (so far) the trout have stayed around the lower and middle pools giving anglers a chance of hooking a few more for the table. Apparently the drop off had “quite a few” hanging off out there and when that rain came in, off they shot. Due to the slow drop in river level over the week, these guys took their time in moving up. Hopefully the same will happen this time as the TT rose to over 1.6 from the Rain on Thursday night and has dropped to a very fishy level now. Go the TT


Like all the other rivers the Tongariro had a good run go through with the rain a few weeks ago. It seems like they held off a wee bit before they ran but when they did they did it in numbers. The Tongariro has fished well all week up until the rain on Thursday. It rose to about 60 odd and then dropped really fast. I bet it is going to fish well all coming week. Unlike the other rivers the Tongariro also has the Browns still in there for a bit of variety.


We have more rain in the forecast this coming week and with it comes the good old Southerly Blow! It doesn’t quite feel like winter yet in Taupo and in fact last Thursday it was damn right Balmy on the water with a high of 20 at one stage. So if the trout are running in these conditions imagine what it is going to be like in another month when the real winter conditions start producing decent consistent runs through the Taupo rivers. I for one can’t wait!

Once again the Glo Bugs and Big Boys Bomb from my shop produced the goods for me. If there are trout in the water you are fishing and you have on this combination, you will hook them, I am that confident in them. I have had some excellent emails confirming this. So go check them out on my shop, they are pretty important to have in your arsenal.

Tight lines All, be safe on the water.

Regards Shane