Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 12 Of November 2013

Shane French /

November 12, 2013


Hey all.

The Taupo rivers have finally gone quiet with the lower water conditions taking its toll on fish moving in. Your best bet would be the Tongariro. In the conditions we have, I would be using a Black Bodied Reaper in the 3.8 mil Tungsten range for the dropper and fishing the riffly water as much as I could. This week is going to be excellent weather wise and it will send the trout into this type of water. Make sure you are using a Fluro leader as well going down to 6 pound at least. I always have a Glo Bug in my box and once you have gone through your selection of Naturals always run one of these through before you move on. There are still plenty of spawning fish to play with but finding a good eating trout may take some time, patience and moving about. From all accounts angling pressure is low at the moment.

IMG_1455I decided to have a look at a small stream I visit every year, last Saturday. Les had taken the girls to see her Mum and so I had a whole day to play. I did not need to get up early and so was on the water by about 9.00am. The day was brilliant. I sort of expected to see foot prints as I started my walk in but to my surprise and pleasure there were none :) The first hole I fished, my small indicator shot under and on lifting the rod a very active bright silver fish broke the water and tail walked towards me. I stripped in line while backing out getting contact with it once again. For the next 5 minutes I fought it hard until it came to the net. What a great start. This small stream has in the past been rocked by floods and is a little hit and miss. Some seasons the pools and runs are shallow due to sediment build up and in these conditions the trout do not enter and the water can be barren. This season however it looks like a constant good water level from Winter has flushed it out and the pools were clean and deep. I saw fish in a lot of the water and pulled plenty of them too.

IMG_1375My plan was to get as far up as I could with the time I had and depending on how my knee felt. I had decided to wet wade as although it did have some deep crossings, the cold water around my knee makes for a much easier day in the long run. I didn’t have to walk far anyway as the stream was holding. At one stage I put a nice long cast up into a deep run and was stripping line back in. The indicator was savagely yanked under and I raised the rod, on the strip. The ferocity of the take combined with my strike snapped the line like a piece of cotton. I was a bit guttered at this, as all last season with all the trout I hooked, this never happened. It was a VERY heavy trout. I’m still sort of in the 8# Taupo style strike and take their teeth out frame of mind, instead of the 5# lift and set. I will have to sort that out as it is the second time I have lost a trout this season from my brutal over exaggerated strike.

The weather was grand all day and I spottered two nice fish feeding very close to the surface. I am sure that if I had taken dry flies with me :( I could have enticed one of these to the surface. I really cant wait for this to happen.

IMG_1430Alex and I are off this weekend to a river we haven’t fished. We have the GPS co-ordinates and the weather looks great with sun and light winds. The Video is coming out for this one! On the Alex note…. This is for anyone in the Taupo Region. Alex is a personal trainer and works from Jetts, (new Gym in Taupo with great rates) His nutritional knowledge and the ability to get people into shape are astounding. In fact one of his clients has been chosen to go to the world body building champs. I myself would not be fishing without his input and constant barrage of positiveness. I fully recommend anyone who wants to get in shape or walk the talk, to get in touch with him at Jetts Taupo.

Will post next week with the results of our up coming trip.

Regards Shane