Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 12th Of April 2013

Shane French /

April 12, 2013



Hey All,

So it didn’t last too long before I got board of being home. So with a limp and a gimp I walked up the Waitahanui and a little of the Hinemaiaia over two days. I had been told that the Nui had a few Trout trickling through and they weren’t wrong. I found good numbers of Browns and a few decent rainbows in there as well. I hooked up immediately in Reids and then from there up had a bit of a blast. I thought the Glo Bugs might have been the go but Na, all they wanted was Naturals. It didn’t really matter whether it was a Tungsten Hairy Reaper as a dropper or the Winged Reaper, they hit them hard and fast. These fish are moving through fairly fast though, so if they are not in one section, go hunt them out.

DSCF1242As I say, yesterday I went into the Hinemaiaia for a wee look. I didn’t stay too long though and didn’t really do it justice. There are plenty of trout in the Hine but due to the low water conditions they are very spooky. A Glo Bug is not an option under these conditions, so once again I used naturals. I picked up a great spawning Jack in a fast riffle that really put on a show for me. I was using my 5# and I almost got smoked. I am not up to running down any river and so put the brakes on and hoped for the best. I managed to turn it and get the net under its head, what a great looking fish!

The TT would not be an option at all, it is soo low!

The Tongariro I am sure is holding both Rainbows and Browns. Glo Bugs might be an option in there first thing in the morning but I would have a good selection of Naturals on hand for when the sun gets up.

DSCF0947I have dropped all prices on all my flies for the rest of April. I can’t stress how important it is to have a Dropper that catches Trout and the Weighted Reaper for me has consistently taken trout.

Bring on the Rain!

Regards Shane