Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 12th Of April 2015

Shane French /

April 12, 2015


Hey all.

We needed the rain to flush out the rivers from the low water conditions we have been experiencing all summer and we got what we wanted.

The Tongariro reached a nice fishy height of 41cms and has slowly dropped to its normal level today. It had a heap of trout waiting at the delta to move in and I am sure the ranks have been replenished in the river. It had some fantastic Brown trout holding throughout and some damn fine Rainbows to boot. I went into the Tongariro at the end of march and had a ball, landing well over 15 Rainbows in the two pound mark. In that mix were a few nicer three pound silver bullets. I dropped a massive Brown in one of the middle pools after a really good fight. I never got to really see what size it was apart from on the hook up when I got a massive yellow/orange flash. I would say the fishing over the next few days could be really good on the Tongariro.


The Tauranga Taupo has been high for a few days now and will only become fishable tomorrow, unless we get more rain tonight. I would definitely get onto this river and have a look to see if any early spawners have gone through.

I’m sure the Hinemaiaia will have some fresh fish going through and will no doubt get a flogging this season like it did last year.

I have seen some nice trout pictures from the Waitahanui over the past few weeks. The Browns showed up in decent numbers and the Rainbows seemed to follow them in. April was one of my favorite months on the Nui, go and have a look see for yourself.

More soon.

Regards ShaneDSCF1276