Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 13th Of May 2014

Shane French /

May 13, 2014


Hey all.

So I managed to fish all the rivers last week and into the weekend. Probably what stood out the most is what 24 hours can make on a river. I had an absolute blast on the Hinemaiaia Saturday afternoon and then when I went back in on Sunday I got skunked. The water volume was up Saturday and it always fishes best in those conditions. There were a few very stressed out anglers on the water Sunday, grumpy bastards :(

IMG_4892The Waitahanui is getting a steady trickle of trout moving through and as always at this time of year they are in excellent condition. However like all the other rivers they are a bit on the small side. I am taking all my fish on either the Glo Bug or the Black Bodied Hairy Reaper. First thing in the morning is a must if you want to take trout home on the Nui, it is low and super clear.

As I mentioned the Hinemaiaia has trout moving through. If you aren’t hitting them try another section, they are in there.

IMG_4896I fished the Tauranga Taupo last week. It had been flowing at an ideal level when I got in there. The section I fished had deep pools and really looked good. Some of the anglers I came across had struggled but looking at what they were using my thoughts were they had fished to light. I was getting down and certainly pulled a few because of it. I lost some gear because of it however and it was this reason why I moved river.

IMG_4898I gave the Tongariro a good nudge on Saturday. I picked up a few older trout and dropped a good silver fresh fish but in general I thought the river , (in the section I was fishing) lacked trout. All the other anglers around me were complaining about the lack and quality of the fish. I have to admit last season was much better than the start of this one. The silver thin trout in the picture above is NOT what we want to see in the fishery. I didn’t get one of these last year. Fingers crossed this does not become the norm.

IMG_4894So in general it has been a bit of a slow start to the rivers in my opinion. It is early and we certainly could do with some wind and cold weather, lets see what happens to the fishing once that happens.

Lesley and the kids are away this weekend so I am out and about for both Saturday and Sunday, I can’t wait.

See you on the water.

Regards Shane