Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 13th Of August 2014

Shane French /

August 13, 2014


Hey All,

Iv been sick all this week so haven’t felt like writing, sorry about that. I’m pretty sure most of you guys will be onto it enough to realize the conditions were there and managed to cast a line or two. For those who couldn’t get here, sorry you missed some great fishing. Actually its still going strong so get here this weekend.


The heavy rain we had pushed all the river levels up and the trout came in. I didn’t manage to get onto them as quickly as I would have liked but once I did it was a fish a cast for many pools and runs. They sure as heck were not moving slowly as the next day I went to the same spot and didn’t get a touch. I had to walk quite a few K’s before I got onto them again. The size is a wee bit disappointing at the moment, well really all season actually. So far I haven’t landed one trout over 5 pounds. I can’t really argue about the condition, so they are obviously getting fed out in the lake but they are short little buggers!! Something to keep your eyes open for guys, if you haven’t already noticed it.


So the Waitahanui had a semi decent run go through last week. “Ralph the Slayer” had me smoke three trout and I think he hooked a total of 6 or 7 for a few days up here. His biggest was about 4.5 pounds, (cough cough). I had pulled a few from the middle reaches last week as well. Then on Sunday I went in and got skunked!! Really good to see the DOC Rangers patrolling the river and they even ventured into the upper pools I believe. Really good to see you doing your job DOC it will make a huge difference in the long haul.


The Hine has been the river of choice for so long, (all season)…. It can’t take the pressure guys!! Please bring the winter limit down stream a KM or so. I can assure you I will be leading the villages with Pitch Forks and Scythes if the Hinemaiaia suffers, just a warning. Imagine all those trout that could be spawning happily in the upper reaches that have now been killed and the Reeds that are there trampled. Please look at it DOC before fish numbers drop off, the anglers notice it and we come a knocking. Why not close the Hinemaiaia to the bridge again and open the Tauranga Taupo up above Rangers pool.


The Tauranga Taupo had fish go into it, however one angler I spoke to went in there and got skunked. He’s a good angler too, can cast weight with a decent sized Glow Bug, he fishes the winter fishery well. So where the hell were they? Probably like the other rivers they bolted upstream. The fact he never saw another angler and there were 10 cars in the car park, sort of suggests everyone was up top, he fished below the Rock Wall. Well the good old TT has come up and down in volume a few times since so they must be in there now. I might choose that river to fish this weekend and have a good look for myself.


So apparently I wasn’t the only one to notice how crap the fishing on the Tongariro had been prior to all this rain. I spoke to Andrew Christmas last week while picking up some fishing supplies at Rod and Tackle. He actually brought it up! Hell if he thinks it was hard, it must have been. So I hope to high heavens it gets a decent, (and I mean Decent) run from all this weather, otherwise the Tongariro is in for a bad season. Ross will be frantic in his efforts to get reports from his minions and i’m keen to read them. For anyone who hasn’t see TRM’s web page it is    Ross and Pip do a great job keeping us informed on what is happening down in Turangi.

So this season still has a lot to offer, I fully suggest you get down here and try it out.

Regards Shane