Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 13th Of February 2014

Shane French /

February 13, 2014


Hey all.

This is going to be a short report just to let you know I am still alive and kicking. Life is very full on at the moment and I have not had the time to up date my site, I have however been doing lots of fishing and have a pretty damn good idea where the trout are!

All the Taupo rivers have good numbers of trout in them and both Rainbows and Browns are in great condition. We are going to have a brilliant winter this season :) All the reports from the lake are saying the same thing. Lots of trout and all of them are in awesome condition. Normally I would be saying that the Tongariro would be the river to be on at this time of year but honestly from what I have seen over the past few days, all the rivers have trout through them.

The smiley geek in the above picture had the fight of his life on this 3.5 pound back country trout. This thing fought like something possessed. I have a video of Alex trying to control this little beauty however due to a catastrophic SSD failure, (solid state drive) it is lost somewhere on my back up C drive and I can’t find the bloody thing :(  when I do I will post it and you will see what I mean. We had a great day. It ended with me losing a beautiful 6 pound Rainbow that took a dry perfectly off the surface. Never trust a mate and his dodgy bloody knots.

Anyway I will be up early Sunday morning and will put in a decent report.

Regards Shane