Lake Taupo Trout Fishing And Guiding Report For The 13th Of February 2015

Shane French /

February 13, 2015



Hey all.

Bit of DOC bashing straight up! I went to buy a 24 hour license for a client the other day and apparently they no longer sell these as a normal paper licenses! You have to go online and then either print off the license and carry it with you, or if you have a smart phone and can receive emails then you can show this to the Ranger, (if you ever see one). So who makes these decisions, is it a group thing, do they all sit around a table and think up stupid ways of reducing angling numbers? I don’t carry a smart phone with me on the river, probably 65% of households wont have a printer and cell phone coverage is OUT if you fish the Hinemaiaia! Once this info gets out it will reduce the number of day fisherman coming to Taupo. DOC needed to make things easier, not harder. The dairy that we purchased the license is a busy place, we were lucky at the time no one else was in the shop as it took a few minutes to sort, I could imagine the stress if she had to do it for a family, with people waiting behind them. On talking to her she had already been on the wrong end of a grumpy Guide not happy about the situation. Yes DOC should have gone to an online system, that is just keeping up with technology, however doing away with the old style licenses should  never been bought in this early. The transition is too abrupt. It was very personal for the one day fisherman to go and buy a License with RULES on the back! Many of my overseas, one day guides kept that license as a momentum, I wonder how many of those have been scrap booked ! Your idiots DOC! This comment can be  backed up with the fact you drop 1080.


All the Taupo rivers have trout in them at the moment. The  rain we received dragged in some good Browns into the Tongariro. I had a blast last Saturday hooking three of these big fish. I also managed to land about four rainbows as well. The Black Raptor did all the damage on Saturday, this has been my biggest fish taker on the Tongariro for the past month accounting for all my Browns.


Really nice to see some fish in the Waitahanui. In fact it has more trout in there now than at any time over winter last year. All we need now is a ranger to patrol it and we will start to get back on track there. The Nui is very low and clear with many of the pools silting up a bit in the tail. We need a good flush on this river to help it out. As it is low and clear the trout are super spooky, good luck in there.

Some of the trout coming from the lake are outstanding, both browns and more importantly Rainbows are being boated on a regular basis, their tummies full of smelt.


IMG_6483The back country scene is still in full swing. We had a small blip in the weather and this certainly has an effect on insect hatches if the temperature drops like it has done. However the fish have had a magic time of munching out on Big terrestrials and so all the trout I am catching are in fantastic condition. To be honest we needed the rain as many of the smaller streams were starting to suffer from a lack of water.


With the back country in mind lets have a small chat about safety. Hopefully if you are one of the anglers that likes to get right out there and away from it all, you will have an emergency beacon with you at all times. These retail for around the $550 to $600 range. The new ones are very small and so take up no space in a pack or vest. If you are injured or a mate takes a fall then you pop the antenna and push a button. Every tramper, hunter and fisherman in New Zealand should own one of these. The cost is a bit of an issue for many people and so I found a really good alternative to buying one. This is their web site for $5 per day you and your wife, (partner) can have piece of mind when you are out amongst it. These guys are super efficient at getting this out to you as well, it was really easy to organize. That means any overseas trampers/ fisherman, coming into new Zealand can hire one of these pay for it online and have it waiting at the destination they are staying in new Zealand. Then when they leave all they have to do is pop it in the return courier bag and post it back! Seriously check them out, $5 a day is a small price when yo are talking a life saved, or just not lying on the ground screaming from a hideous break for longer than needed!

So if you are planing on a day trip to Taupo, think about the License issue as it sounds like buying them from the 24 hour petrol station as you pass by, might be a thing of the past.

Tight Lines, be safe.

Regards Shane